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Dr. Smita Guha is a professor and also a vocalist. She has been singing since she was three years old and has been performing
in India and in the United States.

Smita started learning Bengali modern songs under Shree Sailen Mukherjee and had her first record at age 9. She is Sangeet Prabhakar and Sangeet Bhushan in North Indian (Hindusthani) Classical and Rabindra Sangeet and Gita Prabha from Bengal Music College. Additionally, she had been trained in North Indian (Hindusthani) Classical and bhajans from Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty and Tagore's songs from Shree Prasad Sen and Smt. Srimati Suchitra Mitra.

Recently she had been performing with the famous music icon singer and director, Mr. Bappi Lahiri and made an album with him titled: Indian Melody. She performs with Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota. She also sings on TV Asia, ITV, Times TV USA and has been performing in DurDorshon, All India Radio, Tara TV, Ruposhi Bangla, Srijan TV, CTVN, Uttor Bangla and Aakash Arth and also on live concerts.

She had been teaching music to the children and adults in different genres for over 27 years. She helps her students become accomplished musicians.

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25th September 2021

Indian Music Vocal Performance by Smita Guha

PS 188Q
218-12 Hartland Avenue,
Oakland Gardens
NY 11364

26th August 2021

In celebration of 90th anniversary
of Sri Chinmoy's birth

Aspiration-Ground Meditation Garden
New York

21st October 2015
Puja Parishad Presents


J C Event Hall
5775 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Norcross, GA 30071
Contact : (864) 606-4466

6th January 2015
Guru Jnan Prakash Sanctum


28th May 2016
Winchester McCall Middle School

Bengalees of New England

Winchester McCall Middle School
458 Main St
Winchester, MA 01890

2nd October 2016 (SUNDAY @ 6:30pm)
Candlebrook Elementary School

A Musical Evening

King of Prussia, PA
7th October to 11th October, 2016
Mahamaya Mandir

Durgoutsav & Sarad Mela, 2016

104-14 Liverpool St., Jamaica, NY 11435
Phone: 718-303-3260
8th October, 2016 (Saturday) at 5pm
Durga Mandir

Saradiya Durgoutsav, 2016

271-05 80 Ave, New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Phone: 718-343-8742

researchin music and education


Mail: [email protected]

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Recent Award:
November 15, 2015 Merit award from New York State Assembly
November 1, 2015 Distinguished person award from the state of New York
Recent Performances:
June 2, 2019 Performance with Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, NY
May 19, 2019 Rabindra Jayanti. Indian Consulate, NY
May 10, 2019 Asian Heritage, NY
April 27, 2019 Fund raising for Hindu Center, Queens, NY
April 12, 2019 Baishaki, Queens, NY
April 13, 2019 Association of Indian American Educators and Akhil Viswa Hindi Samiti, Queens, NY
March 30, 2019 Puja performance, Staten Island, NY
March 16, 2019 Organized a program for her students, The Rising Stars, Queens, NY
February 24, 2019 Vocal performance for puja and for fund raising for Indian soldiers, Queens, NY
February 23, 2019 Organized a program and sang for fund raising for Indian soldiers, Queens, NY
February 9, 2019 Saraswati pujo, Prabasi, Boston, MA
January 21, 2019 All India Radio
January 9, 2019 DoorDarshan, Kolkata
November 4, 2018 Diwali Dhamaka, Connecticut
October 15, 2018 Bangladeshi Hindu Mandir, NY
October 8, 2018 ITV channel on Durga pujo
September 13 Guru Shishya Parampara, New York
September 9 Ganesh Puja, Philadelphia, PA
June 3, 2018 Indo-American senior citizens of New York, Queens, NY
April 15, 2018 Baldwin Kali Mandir, New York (organized performances for her students during Naba barsho with her students).
April 14, 2018 Wallingford Bengal Centennial Lion Club, Connecticut.
January 21, 2018 Baldwin Kali Mandir, New York (organized performances for her students during Saraswati pujo)
December 29, 2017 Performance at Asansol, with Shree Anup Jalota
December 22, 2017 Ruposhi Bangla TV channel, Kolkata
December 19, 2017 Aakash Art TV channel, Kolkata
October 20, 2017 National Anthem/ Welcome for Consultate General of India, New York
October 7, 2017 Lakshmi Pujo, Kollol, New Jersey
October 6, 2017 Durga Pujo, ECDPA, New York
September 17, 2017 Sang to raise fund for the “Street Children”, India
September 15, 2017 Durga Pujo, ECDPA, New York
July 10, 2017 One hundredth Anniversary, Lion's Club International, NY
June 24, 2017 Vaishnav Temple of New York
June 10, 2017 Yoga Day at Queens Museum
February 21, 2017 Times TV, USA International Mother Language
January 11, 2017 Srijan TV, Kolkata
January 6, 2017 DoorDarshan, DD Bangla TV
January 3, 2017 All India Radio
December 27, 2016 Hindi Bhasha Samiti Program with Padmashree Shree Anup Jalota,
December 26, 2016 TARA TV, Kolkata
December 22, 2016 Ruposhi Bangla, Kolkata TV
October 10, 2016 Bangladesh Hindu Mandir, NY
October 2, 2016 Durga Pujo, Ghoroa, Philadelphia, PA
September 24, 2016 Sadhu Vaswani Mission, NY
September 9, 2016 Akhil Viswa Hindi Samiti, Hindu center, NY
September 3, 2016 India Fair with Bappi Lahiri, NJ
August 20, 2016 Shoni Mandir, NY
July 23, 2016 ITV Gold Interview as a singer and scholar, NY
June 18, 2016 Program with Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota, NJ
May 28, 2016 Kobi Jayanti, Bengalees of New England, Boston, MA
May 21, 2016 Celebrating music composers from Aligarh University,AAINA, NY
March 13, 2016 Welcome reception for New Consulate General, Royal Albert Hall, New Jersey
December 28, 2015 Uttor Bangla, India (recorded for 31st Dec and Jan. 1st, 2016)
December 27, 2015 Uttor Bangla, India (live) 8:30 am to 9:00 am
December 26, 2015 CTVN India (live) 7:30 am to 8:00 am
December 25, 2015 TV, BD Today, Channel 10, Channel 71 (recorded)
December 24, 2015 RPlus India (recorded)
December 23, 2015 DoorDorshan, Garey Bairey, Kichu Kotha Kichu Gaan 2:10-3:00pm
December 22, 2015 24 hour TV channel, India (recorded)
December 21, 2015 All India Radio, India (recorded)
December 20, 2015 Voice of America (recorded)
December 20, 2015 Chanel I (recorded)
December 20, 2015 Monn TV (recorded) on YouTube
December 20, 2015 Ruposhi Bangla (live), India 7am to 9 am
November 22, 2015 Bangladeshi Bijoya Sanmelan, Gujrati Samaj, NY
November 18, 2015 Senior’s Golden Paradise at Sani Temple for the elderly people
November 15, 2015 Queens, NY
November 15, 2015 Diwali Program for Business Association, YMCA, NY
November 1, 2015 Diwali Program, World Marina, NY
October 21, 2015 Durga Pujo Georgia, Atlanta
October 20, 2015 Durga Mandir, NY
June 20, 2015 World Yoga Day, Hanuman Mandir, Long Island, NY
January 6, 2015 Shrutinandan, Kolkata, India
November 8, 2014 Hindu Temple at Delaware (with Mr. Bappi Lahiri)
May 31, 2014 Hindu Temple at Delaware (before Smt. Koushiki Chakraborty and Pt. Ajoy Chakrabarty)

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Article Published in ebangla: February 14, 2016